About Me

"I Love To Have Fun, Travel, and Enjoy Life.That is why I Do What I Do."

Who I Am

Hi there! My name is Elvie Evangelista. I am working as a freelancer. I can help you with social media marketing and management, search engine optimization, logo design and brand marketing

I worked in a call center industry for over 14 years. As a result, I was honed to have clear communication skills, good work ethics, customer service skills, and time management skills. However, I decided to change my career path to pursue the life that I want, be with my family and be the master of my time.

In preparation to my career transition, I have enrolled in several online courses connected to my chosen niche. This is to prepare myself in my journey as a freelancer.

With my determination and perseverance, I launched DigitalVee Freelance Services  in December 2018. I got the name from the word “digital marketing” which means any form of marketing products or services that involves electronic devices. I’ve taken out the word marketing and added my nickname Vee to make it personal. My mission is to help small business owners set their goals and achieve financial success with social media and navigate the busy world of digital marketing.

With the combined skills that I have, I am confident that I can deliver the right business results, on time and on budget.