Social Media Marketing Specialist: To Hire, or Not To Hire?

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What is your business challenge right now?

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As a business owner, you know how difficult it is to build a successful company. Having the right product is not enough. You are always looking for ways on how your product will reach your customers. You need sales. But how? You need to market your product. According to Digital Report 2018, the number of social media users worldwide in 2018 is 3.196 billion. Therefore, using social media in business is a great way to connect with your current customers and attract potential customers as well.

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Social Media can be done by anyone. Hence, many small business owners hesitate to hire a professional social media marketing specialist to handle their marketing campaigns. Maybe, due to lack of trust, or no budget, or they think that they can just do it themselves. Little did they know, social media is an investment of time, skill and creativity. If you have hardly any time to devote to your social media campaign it will strongly reflect on your image, efficiency and ultimately your efforts may be all for NOTHING.

Why should you hire professional Social Media Marketing Specialist instead of trying to DIY?

Hiring a professional social media marketing specialist is a smart investment in your business because they have the time to do it and social media is their expertise.

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Here are the few tasks a professional social media marketing specialist :

  1. Social media strategy which includes posting frequency, types of content, keyword research and influencer research.
  2. Set-up and optimizing of new or existing social profiles consistent branding and voice across all your channels is crucial.
  3. Sharing and commenting on third-party posts that are relevant to your brand.
  4. Engaging in conversations with other users, be it existing or potential customers.
  5. Social media monitoring. They keeping an eye out for mentions of your company and interacting with those posts.
  6. Social customer service. They responding to questions or complaints from users.
  7. Following relevant industry influencers or potential business customers.
  8. Content marketing. They help to develop your own original images, memes, articles, blogs, and resources that can be promoted on social media.

Bottom line:
If your competitors doesn’t have a social media marketing specialist, you will quickly become the most influential. But if you’re the one without a social media marketing specialist, you’ll quickly lag behind. 

Remember, having social media is not synonymous with doing social media well. 
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